Pura Botanicals Inc.

Pura Skincare Sampler Collection


Pura Botanicals Inc.

Pura Skincare Sampler Collection


New to using natural and non-toxic skincare created by Pura Botanicals? Our beautiful 7-piece skincare sampler collection is the perfect introduction to our collection of eco-luxe, natural skincare potions handcrafted with love in our own pristine in-house production studio in Canada. 

Experience trial sizes of Pura's complete recommended daily skincare rituals, which will leave your skin looking and feeling deeply rejuvenated, rebalanced and radiant. Also, enjoy this perfect mini-collection of Pura for bringing along on a weekend trip. This set also makes the perfect introduction gift for a friend trying Pura's green beauty skincare for the first time. 

Value: $46

Pura Skincare Sampler Collection includes:

* Countess Cleansing Nectar (3ml)

     Makeup Remover & Facial Cleanser

* Botanical Bloom Essence (3ml)

     Toning & Hydrating Mist

Sweet Face (3ml)

     Restorative Daily Moisturizer

* Lolita Face Drops (2ml)

     Revitalizing Face Oil

* Neroli Eye Ritual (2ml) 

     Restorative Under-Eye Care

* Night Cocoon (3ml)

     Rebuilding Night Cream

* Overnight Watermelon Mask (3ml)

     Ultra-Hydrating & Healing Mask 

Pura Tip: Explore individual Pura products to learn more about their unique benefits, ingredients and rituals. 

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