Bespoke Perfume

My first memory of perfume comes from my childhood. At night, on the occasion that my mother would go out, she would mist her heart centre and pulse points with her special perfume, and then kiss me goodnight before leaving. Up close, her soft, moist skin and signature scent would enrapture me with her elegance and beauty. Now as a woman and mother, I wear her favorite perfume to remember her by... to savour those bedtime kisses again and again. That's the power of perfume. It can be something dabbed on for an evening outing, never to be repeated again, or it can be an unfading part of one’s identity, recalled decades later with bracing clarity & awe.

At Pura, we build your bespoke perfume from scratch with your choice of the finest all-natural and traditional perfuming ingredients at our in-house production studio in Edmonton, Alberta. We have an extensive library of pure essential oils, absolutes and essences from which to choose your base, heart and tops notes. You have a choice of a ‘lean in close’ oil based eau de parfum, or a traditional alcohol based eau de toilette. Together, we will conduct an in-depth scent analysis to ensure the most authentic inspiration is used to concoct a formula that will enthral your deepest, most intimate aromatic desires.

This luxurious service is experienced one-on-one with Pura’s founder, perfumer & alchemist, Lane Edwards. After your consultation, Lane will formulate three samples of bespoke perfume to choose from. Once you’ve chosen your most beloved scent, we will create your final bespoke perfume. This process takes approximately 6-8 weeks for the perfume to meld. Once completed, we will invite you back into Pura's studio to experience your signature fragrance.

This is the perfect gift for a bride to be, a new mother, a loved one, or simply the ultimate treat for yourself. Its an experience that you will never forget- like creating an 'invisible aromatic legacy'. A custom scent is powerful & beautiful, and nurtures your heart and femininity like nothing else.

Buy Now - once you have completed your purchase, we will contact you to set up your consultation.
FRIENDLY NOTE: We are now booking into January, 2017.

Bespoke Perfume Session with Perfumer, Lane Edwards-
One-On-One Session: $475
Pair Session: $675
We do not offer perfuming parties, or anything more than two clients at a time.

Refills and custom coordinated products available upon request.
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