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  • Inflight Skincare Ritual To Keep Your Skin Glowing
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    Justine Ulan

Inflight Skincare Ritual To Keep Your Skin Glowing

When you finally find a unique skincare ritual that works for you it is a sacred moment! It feels like the stars have aligned and all is right in the beauty world. At least until a curveball is thrown your way in the most unexpected and, perhaps, exciting of circumstances – a flight. Often, we are so busy preparing for a getaway that we may fail to see the flight as an opportunity to have a spa moment that will help prepare our skin for a change of climate of a new location and the actual air changes in the plane cabin. Let me help you change that by introducing you to The Travel Kit – seven signature potions from PURA’s core skincare collection in carry-on friendly sizes - and an inflight PURA beauty ritual that will help keep your skin glowing! 

Cleanse Your Skin Before And After A Flight 

While thrilling, vacations can be accompanied by bouts of stress about missing flights, forgotten items, those left behind, and the actual concept of flying. This stress affects your skin by heightening any pre-existing problem. To help avoid this, cleanse your skin before and after your flight! PURA’s Countess Cleansing Nectar is a gentle, yet effective formula of soothing calendula + neroli + frankincense that washes the skin without stripping the natural moisture barrier – which is SO important, especially for flights. More on that next …  

Hydrate Your Skin + Body  

The humidity in the plane cabin is significantly lower than what our skin is accustomed to being around. This can cause your skin to produce extra oil … yes, oil! Now, this may surprise you but the best way to combat oily skin is to lather it in an oil. We suggest Radiant Face Drops – a blend of pure, antioxidant-rich essential oils. This will decrease your natural oil production because your skin will realize that it has what it needs to stay hydrated! After massaging Radiant Face Drops into your face and neck, treat your skin to the anti-inflammatory, nourishing Turmeric Night Cocoon, and drink lots of water – keep your body hydrated from within!

Keep A Gemstone Face Roller Near At All Times 

The beautiful Gemstone Face Roller is not just a counter bathroom accessory; it is a means to keep your skin glowing while travelling! You can use it after cleansing or while lathering your skin with Radiant Face Drops. When you roll the cool-to-touch stones upwards on your skin, you are stimulating collagen promotion, increasing circulation, promoting lymphatic drainage, and reducing puffiness. Also, the ritual will help calm your mind, which is an added benefit for those of us who get nervous flying.

Refresh Your Skin + Senses With A Toning Mist

As mentioned, flying may cause your skin to breakout. To help prevent blemishes from forming, treat your skin mid-flight to a botanical toning mist that will promote naturally healing and moisturize the skin! The Travel Kit comes with both the Rosemary Clarifying Mist and the Botanical Bloom Essence. You can’t go wrong with either choice, but you may choose to spritz the Botanical Bloom Essence if your goal is ‘toning and hydrating’ and Rosemary Clarifying Mist if your goal is ‘minimizing pores and skin-clarification’.

And there you have it – a PURA inflight ritual that will help your flight feel like a spa experience. One final note, if you are travelling with little ones, there are two potions that our Founder, Lane Edwards, always packs for her family getaways: Little Ones Remedy Oil to soothe mild skin irritations + bug bites, and Pixie & Sprite Wash to gently wash her sweet babies hair + bodies (also adult approved *wink*).

Photos by the talented Karmen Meyer Photography

  • Post author
    Justine Ulan
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